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Executive Community Manager

Meet Sheridan! She is one of your Community Managers and is a Thai food loving fool! Actually, she’s not a fool at all but rather, absolutely delightful! Sheridan is an energetic and helpful resource to all of you. She’s in charge of making sure you know about our many offerings, events and resources. Sheridan is also one of our gifted business instructors. If you really want to engage her in conversation, just bring up candles – she’s obsessed (and has a whole closet full of them). The way to her heart is apple pie!



Meet Bex! Our beloved Bex is the keeper of all the details (thank the Lord) and her detail talent is evidenced by her favorite dessert – Honolulu Cookie Company pineapple shaped shortbread cookies (What?!?!?!). However, her favorite food is coffee (anyone else confused?) She is on of your Community Managers. Bex is a master planner and she is the secret sauce behind much of your awesome experience at The Forum. She is also one of our gifted business instructors. It’s important to know that she used to be addicted to learning other languages but don’t worry, she’s now settled on sticking with English. Want to see her jump for joy? Give her a well thought out spreadsheet or outline and watch her heart soar!!


Meet A Whole Lot More. Your team doesn’t just consist of the Community Managers. You have waitstaff and bartenders, Bar/Café managers and cooks, porter servers and partner teammates who are here to delight you! Remember, we’re not your ordinary coworking space and we don’t have your ordinary team members either. We’re all here to serve you!


If so, join our team! Send your resume & cover letter introduction for consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

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