About Us

Welcome to The Forum!

We are a community of ambitious people working and building our businesses. At The Forum we created lots of beautiful, inspiration spaces to work and/or be social.  Coworking is a word to describe a space where you can come and work.  That may mean coming in to collaborate with other people or it may be just a great environment to get your work done alone.

Startup, nonprofit, entrepreneur, or remote worker? We are the place for you. Come join our family. We are not your ordinary coworking space.

Within our space we value all types of work styles. Want to work amongst excitement and buzz? We have it. Our bar/cafe or game room area might be perfect for you. Need some quiet? We have that too. Collaboration? Yup! Outdoor, resort like patio? Yes we do! Our 7000 square foot patio rivals any resort patio you’ve seen. We even have a second story outside that we affectionately call the Top Shelf. You really need to come check us out!

You can also rent a variety of spaces including conference rooms, podcast rooms, phone booths, private space, green screen room, training space and yes, you can book a massage. We also have a bar/café at your disposal.

Members enjoy discounted pricing on rentable spaces but your basic membership allows you to work or meet clients in any part of the public space.

Our founders, Chuck and Angela Fazio, have successfully built six local businesses and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you. The Forum is their creation and gift to local businesses in the Valley in order to bless them and help with building success.